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ILVO research focus in the bioeconomy

  1. System innovation - facilitating the transition from agri-food to bioeconomy
    Adapting existing and configuring new value chains, logistics, new institutional arrangements, facilitating and organizing (system) innovation processes, designing resilient systems (business, sector, technology, agro-food systems), introducing a systemic perspective in research, adapting policy, legislation and legal frameworks.

  2. Sustainable use of natural resources
    Closing carbon and nutrient cycles, energy and resource efficiency, resource intensity, resource fingerprinting, carbon storage/sequestration, the reduce-reuse-recycle principle.

  3. Primary production of biomass
    Agricultural (technical), ecological and economic aspects of primary biomass production.

  4. Optimal valorisation of locally processed biomass
    Innovative process and product development; optimal valorisation of by-products from plant and animal production and the associated processing industries; creation of added value.
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