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From field to plate! From soil to industrial product and back?

Agriculture and fisheries have always - and are still - focused on the production of food. In the 21st century, however, the bioeconomy –be it for food or non-food- is increasingly looking to the primary sector.

Since 2014, the ILVO research team has developed a vision and a research strategy on the potential of the bioeconomy for the Flemish agricultural sector. In the meantime, four groups of bioeconomy-related research projects have grown into clusters of expertise. We are seek to answer various questions:

How do we reduce the use of fossil raw materials? How do we produce biomass as sustainably as possible? How do we process this biomass as efficiently as possible in a wide range of bio-based products? What can the bioeconomy do for Flanders and more specifically for the agro-industry? How do Flemish bioeconomy pioneers innovate?

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